#1 Cryptocurrency Management SCAM

Am I scammer’s victim ?

  1. You’ve been in communication with a third party who brang you to trade on unknown platforms
  2. You’ve been invited to open trading account on BMEXCOINS, or AOBIMAX or AOBIPROS trading platform
  3. You got high ROI on your trading with few efforts, but you still can’t withdraw it, or only if you send more funds

You are victim of the same scammer than us, and know you’re not alone to get your funds back.

You’re invited to join us with the following form. In order to prevent new scams and protect ourselves, we will ask you more details in next contacts. All victims are called to join us, but you will have to justify who you are and what are the prejudices. Then we will be able to work together, because we think this could be more efficient to gather.