#1 Cryptocurrency Management SCAM

Can I get more info about the scammer ?

As victims, we are gathering significant information about the scammer, and we are still gathering new information every week. We think it’s important to share any information together in order to make this scam stop, and pursue the scammer.

By the next form, we will then share with you part of our information :

  • List of fake internet accounts on different social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.)
  • Phone numbers and email adresses, fake and real ones
  • List of suspicious wallets you must never use
  • List of addresses that we know the scammer lived
  • Bank elements used on platforms to steal the victim’s money
  • And several other elements

This is first part on bigger folder we are working on and bring to the justice. If you have any information important to share, or still want to keep in touch about it, don’t hesitate to join us.